Williamsburg Virginia Property Management

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Moveout Checklist

The following move-out procedures will help make this transition period easier for everyone.

We will do actual inspections of all units. You will need to set up an appointment. It should be scheduled for when the property is completely emptied, cleaned, and ready to be inspected.

Arrange for the disbursement of your security deposit. If you cannot be present for the actual move-out inspection, please notify us where you want the check sent. All security deposit refund checks will be in the form of one check per unit made payable to all parties listed on the lease as lessees, unless other arrangements are made in writing.

ALL personal items must be removed from the property on or before the lease expiration date. We will not be held responsible for personal items left behind and you will be charged if we need to remove and dispose of items left in the property.

Start looking for your mailbox and door keys. There will be a charge for all locks we have to replace due to lost or unreturned keys.

Don't forget to call and discontinue your utility services for water, sewer, electric, phone, and cable.

Below is a room by room list of things which need to be completed before you vacate.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation. The smoother the move-out procedures go, the faster we will be able to disburse security deposit refunds.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you.
Make sure the following things are done before you leave:

Clean Cabinets
Clean Refrigerator
Clean Stove
Clean Sink
Clean Floor
Rid Room of Trash
Clean Windows

Clean Toilet
Clean Tub and Tile
Clean Sink
Clean Medicine Cabinet
Clean Floor
Rid Room of Trash
Clean Windows

Steam Clean Carpets (PROFESSIONALLY)
Rid Room of Trash
Leave Walls free of Tape or Other
Leave Screens in Place & in Good
Clean Fireplace
Clean Windows

Clean Closets
Steam Clean Carpets (PROFESSIONALLY)
Rid Room of Trash
Leave Screens in Place and in Good Condition
Leave Walls Free of Tape or Other
Hanging Items
Clean Windows

The unit should be thoroughly cleaned and emptied.
ALL carpeting must be PROFESSIONALLY cleaned by a Realtor approved company!