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Frequently Asked Questions

You must contact the utility companies when you sign your lease, in order to have the utilities in your name as of the day you move in. If you sign your lease and move in on the same day, you will need to contact the utility companies promptly in order to avoid any lapse in utility service.

Leave them where they are. Someone from our office will pick them up within a couple of days. If you are not comfortable with the sign in the yard, then remove it & place it on the front porch so we can locate it when we arrive.

You should check the breakers to be certain they are all on. Occasionally, when a home is vacant, the breakers are turned off for things like the water heater, stove, dishwasher, etc. If the breaker is off for the water heater, it may take a few hours to heat the water in the tank, and you don’t want to learn this when you wake up to get ready for work in the morning.

This is written into your lease. Generally speaking, your rent is due on the first of each month.

We accept online payments (via your tenant portal), personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders or credit card payments.

If you are paying online, you will access your tenant portal. If you plan to come to our office, we are located at 150 Strawberry Plains Rd., Suite A-1
Williamsburg , VA 23188  If you choose to mail your rent, you can mail it to that same address.

You can either pay online thru your tenant portal, or you can bring your rent to our office at 150 Strawberry Plains Rd., Suite A-1, Williamsburg , VA 23188 and put it into the night drop. 

Wrong. The postmark is not relevant to being on time at all. Rent payment must be physically received in our office on or before the due date in order to avoid a late fee.

When paying your rent online, rent is considered received when you submit your payment.

When your check bounces (or payment is returned for any reason), and it is not replaced on or before the due date, then it is considered late as it was not in our possession on time.

No. The late fee is a percentage of the rent amount, not a percentage of the unpaid amount.

No. Once your rent is late, we require payment by online payment (via tenant portal), credit card (in office only), money order or cashiers check.

If you do not have an approved payment arrangement on file BEFORE your payment is late, your account is subject to be turned over for eviction very soon after it becomes late. There is no ‘grace’ period between late and eviction.

If you have the balance you owe, in full, including any legal or attorney fees, you may bring this amount to our office in the form of money order or cashiers check only.

No. We do not accept online payments or checks while your account is in eviction status.

No. We do not accept partial payments while your account is in eviction status.

The best thing you can do is appear in court to protect your rights.  

Yes. An eviction is a legal action, and it does show up in credit searches. Additionally, if there is a money judgment in our favor due to the balance owed, this will also show up as a judgment on your credit, and qualifies as “landlord” debt. This will make it increasingly difficult for you to rent or purchase your next home or obtain loans or credit for other purposes (buying a car, getting a credit card, etc).

When a payment is returned, online payment and check payment options are suspended for three months. If a second payment is returned, these options are permanently suspended.

The returned payment fee is $35, however, if the returned payment causes your rent to be late, a late fee will also be assessed to your account.

No. Your rent needs to be paid in full by the due date for each month that you will live in the home or apartment. Your security deposit is held for full performance of all the terms of the lease agreement, therefore it is not disbursed or distributed until AFTER full vacancy of the property.

We occasionally require a double deposit for various reasons during the qualifying process. If you decide to renew your lease, and your account is in good standing, and there are NO late payments or returned payments on your account, we will apply half of your deposit toward your rent at the time of renewal. If your account is not in good standing or has had any late or returned payments during your lease term, the entire deposit will remain in tact until the property is fully vacated.

Your deposit is used to restore the property to its move in condition at the time you moved in, minus normal wear & tear. This means that holes in the walls bigger than the tip of a pencil or marks on the walls from furniture, pens, pencils, crayons, etc will require patching or painting. Stains or tears in the carpet or vinyl will require cleaning or replacing. Missing, broken or non-functioning light bulbs, door stops, mini blinds, etc will require replacing. The carpet must be professionally cleaned, and the property itself must be cleaned to our standards. You may request a copy of our cleaning checklist or our move-out requirements at any time for your reference. There may be additional charges for pet damages, trash left behind, etc.

You may login to your tenant portal & submit a maintenance request there. Or you can fax or email us a maintenance request. All requests must be in writing, so a telephone call will not generate a work order. Only emergencies may be phoned in.

Our emergency number is 1-888-614-3820. 

Generally, any condition that is a threat to people or property. More specifically, emergencies are defined as:

  • No heat if it is expected to be below 40 degrees
  • No air if it is expected to be above 90 degrees
  • No functioning toilet (if you have two, one being clogged is not an emergency)
  • No running water
  • Any smoke or sparks from an electrical fixture, outlet or switch
  • Any water flow that cannot be stopped with a turn off valve
  • No hot water
  • Sewage backing up into the house
  • Roof leak

All you need to do is give us permission to enter, or arrange for a friend or family member to meet us there, and we can get the work done without you having to miss any work at all. If you have a pet, you must make arrangements to have someone there or have your pet crated while our tech is in the home.

Contact our office immediately, and we will work out a plan to get the property back on the market to alleviate your responsibility for the remainder of your lease. We will explain your options and any associated costs to you.

The lease will need to be modified to remove the departing person. This will require that the remaining parties must qualify for the property without the credit or income of the leaving party; if not, everyone must vacate or a new roommate must be found as a replacement. As for the security deposit, that must be handled among the roommates. We will not release any portion of the security deposit until the home is fully vacated, and then it will be paid out to all parties on the lease at that time.

Yes. We have no way of knowing whether you plan to move or stay unless you give notice. Your lease expires but it does not require you to vacate, so you have to tell us.

If we have not yet received a deposit from a new tenant for your property, you can rescind your notice. If we have already accepted a deposit from a new tenant, rescinding your notice may make you liable for costs or expenses related to the other party not being able to take possession of the property on the anticipated date. If rescinding, we require written notice.

When we receive your notice to vacate, you will receive a packet of information from our office, including a checklist of items that we’re looking for. You may also request this from our office at anytime.

In your move out packet, which is sent to you upon receipt of your notice to vacate, you will find a general price sheet indicating what certain items will cost if we have to do them after you vacate.

No. See the section on Roommates addressing one party leaving before the other(s). The security deposit will not be distributed until the home is fully vacated by all parties.

Disclosure Packages are required to be provided to potential buyers of a property by the seller.   You can order a disclosure package, lender’s questionnaire, or copies of various association documents on the internet at: www.homewisedocs.com

The majority of Associations require that modifications to the home’s exterior and to the landscaping to include the removal of trees, be approved in advance by the Association’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC)  Please contact the manager for your association in obtaining the guidelines and forms necessary to submit a request to the ARC.


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